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Earned on Grinfer

We love our affiliates and want to show appreciation for the effort they put into promoting Grinfer.

So we give bonuses to celebrate milestones.

For a $1,000 made from your referrals, you get a $100 monthly bonus.

For $3,000, you get a 5% monthly bonus.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Grinfer?

Grinfer is the marketplace for on-demand online courses in many categories such as Design, Marketing, Business, Technology, Sport & Fitness, Photography, Languages, and more. Most of the courses are taught by world-class instructors with thousands of sales globally.

Who can be a member of Grinfer’s affiliate program?

Anyone can join Grinfer’s affiliate program absolutely free as long as you have channels of promotion and your followers may be interested in taking online courses, self-improvement, self-education, and lifelong learning. We don’t limit your channels – whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tik Tok, email campaigns, or any other – it’s up to you.

What products can you promote?

You can promote on-demand courses on Grinfer. Choose any categories or courses that fit your audience best. You can literally promote any course you like. You can also take advantage of offering coupons in your promo activity. Grinfer has the 5,10, and 15% coupons to offer a discount on courses.

How does Grinfer’s affiliate program work?

Grinfer affiliates get 30% in commission for every course purchased on the platform by referrals. To get started, register as an affiliate by clicking the link here. After setting up your account, you can generate links and use them for promoting Grinfer via your channels. Referrals can use the link for up to 30 days to buy courses on Grinfer in order for you to get your 30% commission. In addition to 30% commissions, you can get bonuses for a $1000 and $3000 made and earn up to 35% in total commissions.

When do you get your referral payouts?

Affiliates get referral payouts on the 15th of each month for all the purchases made by referrals in the previous calendar month. The minimum withdrawable amount is $100.

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